Student Get Started

To open a connection on a wireless computer device - a connection must be first made to a server.
  • Right click on the network connection icon on the toolbar at the bottom of your computer screen.
  • Select the network connection for Highlight the “OCC_students” from choose a wireless network (see image below)
  • and then click connect.

    Make the connection and follow the prompts.

    Should you need to view network connections
    Right click your network icon on the desktop

    Select view all networks and proceed to and highlight the “OCC_students” from choose a wireless network

    then double click connect.
    This will open the wireless network connection - follow the prompts.

  • After the connection is made OPEN your browser and you will see the image below.

    Enter yor required information
    OceanCruiser user Name
    Student Id number as the password
    (This is required and is the full seven (7) didget student ID NUMBER. If issued less than a seven didget ID place ZERO's (0) at the begining of the string.)
    On enter you will be redirected to the home page .