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Wireless access to the internet will be available to all students, faculty and staff. Guest access will also be available at these locations but access is limited by time. The following are the present locations that wireless is available:

Administration Building
Bartlett Hall
Kable Russell
Student Center
Technology Building

The College is planning to add more buildings and location(s) in the near future as installations are completed. The goal of the College is to have wireless available for the community at all campus service locations. Access to the wireless network will require authentication for all users. Listed below are the criteria for each access class.


Can access the wireless network by connecting to OCC_Students SSID


Can access the wireless network by connecting to OCC_Guest SSID

Faculty/Staff - Secure Authentication

Due to the nature of the uses Staff/Faculty request and use of the Ocean Network. A criterion for log-in is significantly different for this classification of user. The procedures followed are, in most cases, performed by the IT staff. However there are times when Staff/Faculty will need to set up an individual commuter with secure access to the campus infrastructure. For these procedures follow this link. Please note that the authentication portion of these install notes will require the entry of your secure passwords and additional processes of the network system.
The time for installing these applications can be long if not connected directly to the College network.

Should you need assistance the following links should be of help. The PDF file may be downloaded and printed for assistance.
Student Connection Student Connection
College connection agreement Ocean County College Wireless Internet Policy